Who we are

PT&T is an app design and development company. Our main goal is to create apps that solve problems, that make your work easier and simpler in some way, and that help you enjoy life more.

We specialize in creating apps in the areas of communication, leadership, people management, as well as backup and security.

We have a dedicated and experienced team who develop all our apps with great love and care to try to make every aspect of every app as perfect as possible, so that you have the best imaginable experience using our apps.


Our apps are designed to help you

Solve Problems
We look for solutions to common problems you face, and create apps that help you solve them more efficiently.
Be More Productive
Our apps are designed to set business leaders free to focus on their main job, leading their teams to success
Stay Connected
Apps like Kint are created to help you communicate more easiy, and keep in touch with the people that matter.
Save Time, and Money
Our apps provide the help you need to work smarter, simpler and faster, saving you both time and money.
Stay Secure
We spend a lot of time and effort to ensure that all our apps are 100% safe and secure from online attacks.
Enjoy Your Success
The main goal for all of us at PT&T is that our apps will enable you to succeed at work and enjoy life more.


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